• After losing her memory, she abandoned her husband who cheated on her.连载中

    After losing her memory, she abandoned her husband who cheated on her.


    作品简介:In the two years of marriage, her husband had been home for just a few times. The last time, he had proposed a divorce. Hellen Jovano was completely disheartened. After the car accident, when she opened her eyes again, she had lost her memory! She no longer saw love as paramount or humble, but as the little princess of the Jovano family. She was spoiled and unruly and dared to fight against the fuckboy, so many people couldn"t do anything to her. When she was on the show, a journalist asked, "I heard that someone robbed your husband, so you divorced him?" Hellen laughed casually. "Since she wants to steal my man, I"ll give him to her. There are plenty of people who like me anyway." Everyone could only see that the faces of the young master of the Grant family, who is also the ex-husband of Hellen Jovano had darkened and his eyes were red.

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  • The Doted Lady is Fuking Wild连载中

    The Doted Lady is Fuking Wild


    作品简介:The unknown Internet celebrity Kristen Healey became popular overnight. There were many anti-fans and rumors about her. "I heard that she has a backer who was powerful and wealthy. She seduced five young masters of the Oliver Family and did not even spare the master of the Oliver Family. She is such a whore." The Oliver family denied the rumors, "Sorry, She is our beloved Miss!" Everyone was shocked! "She's so beautiful. I guess she's just an empty vase, without any acting skills." Kristen said nothing and then she won the award for Best Actress to prove herself. However, the anti-fans still didn't give up. "What's so great about Her? Isn't it because she shamelessly pestered Mr. Wharton every day?" That night, a reporter took photos of the distinguished president of the TNK Group taking a necklace worth 100 million dollars. He said humbly to the beautiful woman in the garage, "Kristen, come home with me." "I'm sorry, Mr. Wharton, but my fans are all saying that I'm pestering you. Please stay away from me." TNK Group official immediately announced, "Everyone, I am pursuing Miss Kristen. Please don't spread rumors, or it will be more difficult to pursue Kristen."

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  • Five Years Later, Lovely Baby Descends to Mogul Group连载中

    Five Years Later, Lovely Baby Descends to Mogul Group


    作品简介:It is said that even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs, but her father forced her to sacrifice the first night instead of her stepsister! The wealthy are sophisticated, as long as pure girl. So she became the victim. Five years later, Andy returned with a lovely baby. This time she is no longer alone. The only thing she want is revenging. Killing spree. Unexpectedly, she bumped into the man who she got to know five years ago. Bill squinted slightly and asked in a deep voice, "Is this my child?" Andy: “....” Lovely baby: “Mommy, is this our daddy who has been dead for a long time?”

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  • Miss Garsia, the Cat Is Out of the Bag!连载中

    Miss Garsia, the Cat Is Out of the Bag!


    作品简介:In San Francisco, a piece of news occupied the headlines today. "The engagement was made in the early years, and the Smith couple will choose one of the five young masters to be her fiancé!" Everyone was shocked. Soon, the media found the woman"s photo. The woman in the photo was ugly and chubby, wearing outdated clothes. Everyone complained that she was not worthy! However, after the news came out, it was such a slap in the face. The chairman behind the scenes was her! The most popular female singer, Kate, was also her! The mysterious racer was still her! ...... One by one, her disguise was revealed. No one dared to say that she was not worthy of the five sons of the Smith"s. It is them who didn"t deserve her!

    最后更新:Chapter 474 Make a bet2023-03-26 09:21:21

  • 替嫁丑妻是个马甲大佬连载中



    作品简介:A市祁家大少爷植物人,昏迷三年不醒,为报苏老太太救命之恩,她甘愿替嫁冲喜。 大家都等着看笑话,谁知道祁家大少爷突然就醒了? 看着角落的许如歌,祁北沉面色变得不喜,“丑女,我要离婚,你走,你不配做我的妻子。” 许如歌心里暗叫好,离婚好啊,离婚自己就自由了。 一时间,豪门名媛们又开始了心思浮动。 众人:这苏清歌也太丑了吧,怎么会有这么丑的人?听说她连初中都没毕业呢,打架旷课各种,她站在祁少身边简直太丢人了吧! 丑? 许如歌冷笑一声,揭开脸上伪装,绝美容貌震惊众人! 没毕业? A市许家大小姐,许氏总裁,这水平够了吗? 不配站在祁少身边? 许如歌:不好意思,我要爆马甲了! 千面神医,顶级黑客G,第一杀手,娱乐公司幕后总裁...... 无数马甲纷纷掉落,众人幡然醒悟,这位竟是全能大佬! 然而,众人还是要柠檬精:“那祁少还不是都看不上你!” 次日,某博上直接惊掉众人下巴。 “目前还是追求中,大家也可以支支招。”

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  • After Getting Rid of the Scumbag, I Became the Darling Sweetheart of Big Boss连载中

    After Getting Rid of the Scumbag, I Became the Darling Sweetheart of Big Boss


    作品简介:In three years of marriage, Amanda Jewell supported the whole family. At home, the household was managed by her; at the company, business was up to her. However, she was ridiculed since she had not given birth to a child. When she discovered her husband, that scumbag had cheated on her with her secretary; she decisively divorced him. Everyone who wanted to see her make a fool of herself was jaw-dropping. Who said that the divorced woman was destined to have a miserable end? Amanda did not lack money and was good-looking. Even Iverson Byran, the big boss in Ducco, who had ever repeatedly answered the reporters' questions and openly expressed his love for Amanda Jewell. 'From the first time I saw her, I even thought of our future children's name.' 'I'm still making every effort to win her heart.' 'I hope Miss Jewell can give me a proper title as soon as possible.'

    最后更新:Chapter 480 I am the most justifying a fault2023-03-26 09:01:09

  • 我把有读心术的王爷逼疯了连载中



    作品简介:京城人人传闻那冥王邵熠杀人不眨眼,一个弄不好就拧人脖子的主儿。 赫连熙悦替姐出嫁,所有人都以为她离翘了不远了。 赫连熙悦口出狂言,“他不想娶,我还偏嫁了,不但嫁,我还要把他熬死,气死,带着他的家产养小白脸去,然后带着一票的美女在他坟头上蹦迪。” 邵熠抿唇轻笑,语气很温柔:“好!” 至于是能把他先气死,还是先把她送走,那就拭目以待。

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  • 离婚后,我成了全球首富的外孙女连载中



    作品简介:结婚三年,黎歌连霍靳城的手指都没碰到,更别提诞下一儿半女。 直到一场空难,她作为幸存者,却在医院里撞见了霍靳城陪别的女人做产检。 她才知道,她从未走进过这个男人的心房。 决定放手的那一刻,她摇身一变竟然成了全球首富的外孙女。 既然霍太太做不了,那就做霍氏的死对头,让他再也高攀不上!

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  • 霍爷,你的白月光回国了连载中



    作品简介:隐婚一年,霍斯年突然提出离婚。 颜舒一头雾水,她近期没有招惹他啊,除了那天在酒吧里强吻了他,可这也不能作为离婚的理由啊! “原因呢?我需要一个原因!” 颜舒倒是要看看,这男人为了和她离婚,能编出什么理由来。 “其一,八门科目挂了五门。” “……”颜舒额头三条黑线,霍斯年为了和她离婚,居然把她试卷都给搞到手了,真绝! “其二,你不守妇道。” “不守妇道!?那我们结婚一年,都还没有同床共枕过,霍总又是否守了夫道?”颜舒几乎是脱口而出。 霍斯年不怒反笑,二十几年他踢到的唯一一块短板,是颜舒。 ——这个除了打架斗殴样样都不行的小白痴颜舒!

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  • 相亲失败后,我拉着总裁闪婚了连载中



    作品简介:这是简沫这个月第三次相亲了,想都想不到,居然相到了个镶着大金牙的秃头。 她怎么这么背?相亲难道就遇不到高质量男性了嘛…… “咦,那个男人怎么那么帅?”简沫不禁看呆了,冲上去挽住男人。 待简沫看清男人长相,竟然发现—— 这男人不是别人,正是简沫的顶头上司霍祁琛!!! “霍,霍总怎么是你?” 霍祁琛沉冷的嗓音响起:“简小姐,既然你想结婚,我也需要一个结婚对象,那么,和我结婚,如何?” 简沫呆了,霍祁琛要和她结婚? 好啊好啊!那她以后就是名正言顺的总裁夫人了!

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